Why did I start a blog?   1 comment

So why start a blog, at the age of 40? There are two reasons.
First, I just started a new chapter in my life, and together with lots of other new things I'm doing, I want to try a new way of expressing myself, even though most of what I write won't be about personal matters (because they're personal). The new chapter, of course, is my divorce – yesterday my ex-wife Avital moved out, together with our daughter Ayala, whom will be splitting her time almost half and half between us. So I have to get organised within an empty flat, more spare time, taking care of a little child alone when she's here (not as if I didn't do that before…), and of course a girlfriend who can at last visit my home.
Second, I want to fill up the lack of information about orienteering in Israel around the world. Hopefully, this blog will be a source of information about the o-life in Israel, and that is the subject I want to write about most of the time. I feel that from my perspective as a national team coach, former chairman of the Israel Sport Orienteering Association, club leader, elite orienteer (when I was younger), and mapper, I have a lot to write, and doing it in English will enable orienteers around the world to read and learn about us.

So let's start, and good luck to me!

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One response to “Why did I start a blog?

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  1. Dan, I wish you good luck in your new life.I hope your blog will help O-runners in the world to know more about Israel and our orienteering.Alex

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