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Today is actually the first weekend this year without orienteering, as the season is over here in Israel and we're already well into the heat of summer. The first event of the new season will be at the end of August, and the first National event (for ranking purposes) is at the end of October.
The 2007-2008 season had it's ups and downs for me, but was overall quite good. I didn't train as much as I wanted, mostly due to personal reasons, but I managed to keep myself at the same fitness level as the previous season, which is OK when you're 40. During the previous seasons I was winning almost everything in M35, but this season (my last in this age group) we had an influx of younger competitors and I wasn't expected to win. My aim was to fight for second place, and I succeeded in both the Israeli Championships and the annual rankings, losing only (as I expected) to Noam Ravid (trivia item – Noam is married to my ex-girlfriend Naomi).
On the podium (on the left) at the Israeli Championships
I participated in fewer local events than I would have liked, again for personal reasons, but hopefully this will change next season. I also organised quite a few – every season I organise 1-2 national events and 3-6 local ones, so I lose some of the best opportunities to orienteer competitively near home.
My only trip abroad was to Portugal (my first visit there), where I participated in "I Troféu Internacional de Cantanhede" in February, together with Roni. I was very satisfied with my 6th place over two days of competition in M40, and also with the trainings organised by Per Sterner and Sun-O. I certainly have plans to return to Portugal if I can.
So what now? I'm off for a few days in the army reserve, and then I start training again for the Cerkno Cup in Slovenia.

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