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I'm back to training again – managed to string two running sessions within three days, for the first time in a month. I'll be training hard until the middle of August, in preparation for my trip abroad.
I started this season (the 2007 part of it) well, but cut back on my training in 2008, doing mostly light running and very few interval sessions. For comparison – in 2007 intervals of various types were 26% of my running training. The first half of this year – 6%. In order to be prepared for an international event I have to upgrade my training to include more intervals and also more terrain training, for the next 7 weeks, and improve my stamina as well (for 6 consecutive days of orienteering).
On Saturday I ran 8 km, to ramp up from the enforced break in the army. Today I ran 11 km, and on Wednesday I plan on some Fartlek. Sundays and Tuesdays are currently out of bounds – those are the days when I have a little child in my care, and the alternate weekends with her will complicate things even further.
I'm not an elite orienteer and I don't train like one (at least in volume), but I know how to train properly and I'll keep the blog posted.

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  1. דן,כיף לקרוא את הבלוג שלך.בהצלחה בדרך החדשה!לירון

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