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Pavel Gvozdev missed the WOC final by one place for the fourth time, finishing 16th in heat C in sprint qualification. I was following the online results (which were fantastic) closely, and after Pavel came into 4th place out of 15 finishers, just 10 seconds behind Thierry, I was sure he would be in the final, but apparently the later half of the heat had a lot of fast runners and he slowly slipped down to 16th place.
Analysis of the split times shows me that Pavel was orienteering almost as fast as the winners, but he made a critical mistake at control no. 12, losing 8-10 seconds. The course looked quite easy and very fast, and that control looks easy as well – but judging it from home is unfair, compared to running the course at a speed of 3-4 minutes/km.
Our other athlete, Alexey Marchenko, ran a solid race and finished 24th in heat B. Alexey is not fast enough to qualify for a sprint final when running speed is an important factor, but he has a better chance in the middle distance. I think Alexey's orienteering is about as good as his running, while Pavel can run much faster than he orienteers and therefore tends to make more mistakes.

Pavel and Alexey at WOC – thanks to for the pictures

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