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I've been trying to play Catching Features regularly over the past month, in order to keep my ranking current. I'm not such a good player – my gaming isn't as good as my orienteering, and I feel that some features of the game limit me, so I can't play in the same way that I orienteer in real life. I enjoy it anyway, and I think Catching Features is a fantastic piece of software.
I wish I had enough time to learn to create maps for Catching Features by myself. Some of the maps I've seen converted for the game are fantastic, and Neta's conversion of Ein Zeitim was almost like running in the real terrain. Obviously, if you have the resources, CF can be used for training and simulation at the highest level, and I know it's been done in the past – take an old map of a WOC area, redraw it in Ocad, convert to CF, and start running courses! It's not the same as the real stuff, and the orienteering techniques are different, but if you know what vegetation and surfaces to expect the game can look almost exactly like real life.
Unfortunately, there are very few users of the game here in Israel. I don't think the price is an issue, but I don't know what is – there are lots of orienteering nuts here, and if we could get more local players it would be worth converting a few local maps from Ocad for training.

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