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I've seen lots of GPS tracks of orienteering races, but none yet of a mapping session – so here's one of my last outing. I set the GPS to record at 1 minute intervals, and the result is overlaid on a Google Earth photo using SportTracks. It starts in the middle of nowhere, because I initially forgot to turn it on, and ends on the track near my car.

What can you see? I work slowly (about 1 km/hr pace), and it looks like I'm covering the area well. You can see from the concentrations of points where there is a lot of detail. One of the things I've learned over the years of mapping is that in order to produce a good map you need patience – never, ever, rush the mapping. Even if you've set a goal for finishing a certain area, and it's going slower than expected, don't speed up. That's what ruins the map. Take as much time as the terrain needs, and if you can't then quit.
I've become more patient (at least in my mapping) with time. This is going to be my best map. And the terrain is fantastic.

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