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The orienteering season has started here in Israel, with a series of Friday afternoon short races (it's still too hot for regular orienteering). Yesterday's race was in the Beit She'arim National Park, which is full of burial caves and surrounded by steep slopes, some wooded and some open.
I was planning on a sprint race, but the course was more like a short middle distance (3.85 km with 165m climb) and I started too fast, so I didn't manage to settle into a comfortable pace. Some really steep climbs didn't help. I didn't like the map, but that's not an excuse for losing 5-6 minutes on two controls, and in the end I finished 10th in 39:50. The placing was more or less as expected, so either no-one has competitive fitness yet, or some of the others had the same problems as I had with some parts of the map.
Next Friday there's another short event, to finish off my preparations for the Cerkno Cup in Slovenia. My goals: feel comfortable with my running speed, and stop making unnecessary mistakes.

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