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Yesterday we had another race in our summer series, on a combination of park/urban and forest areas. I got it right this time, starting slowly enough to get into a comfortable pace, and keeping concentration well so I lost very little time on the course. The 4.8km course took me 38:05, which was more or less what I expected.
The forest section was on part of the old map of Segev, which I mapped in 1993 and was the first OCAD map in Israel. I hadn't been there for a long time, and the forest has changed a lot – especially getting filled with bike tracks. Below is a comparison of the old map (right, 1:15,000) and the new (left, 1:5,000).

The new map is good, but I didn't like the vegetation between 15 and 16 – in my opinion it's still more like in the old map. You can see what it's like in the following aerial photograph (this was the best resolution I could find). I lost some time there, because I deviated to the east and then couldn't understand where I was in relation to the open areas.

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