Slovenia – land of depression(s)   2 comments

Yesterday was our first day of training in Slovenia, courtesy of Simon Miklavcic and his Cerkno Cup training camp. The only people at the training camp are our group of Israelis and two Slovenian youths, so it's a very informal affair.
Both training courses yesterday were on similar maps – dense forest, rocky, steep, and millions of Karstic depressions. The runnability is very slow, there's almost no way to read the map without stopping, and the orienteering is tough and unforgiving. In short, as Simon describes it: heaven.

It took me about three controls to get my Slovenian skills back, and then I jogged through the first course (sample above) at about 16 min/km. And that's a very respectable pace here. The second course was slower, as I'd picked up a couple of knocks (right knee and left thigh) and I was taking it easy, and also I made a couple of stupid mistakes.
My tips for orienteering in Slovenia:

  • Don't worry – everyone's slow
  • Use the paths as much as possible, but always follow the features along them
  • Never, ever lose contact with the map
  • Compass, compass, compass
  • Don't cross depressions by entering them and climbing out of the other side, but watch your direction when running around them
  • Look for the small hills and ridges – they're good collecting features and have better runnability

Today we have some more training, in faster terrain (so they say). I'm worried mostly about my knee, not fatigue, so I'll take it as it comes.

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2 responses to “Slovenia – land of depression(s)

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  1. wow look graet, make me want to be there…it is open?, because in the blog the map look yellowgood luck! eran

  2. It's not open – the picture is from a camera so the colours look strange. It's all forest

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