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Well, the first day at Novi Svet 3 wasn't a great success. The terrain was unbelievably tough – green and stony – and that slowed me down to a walking pace most of the time. After less than half of the 6 km course I was really tired, but just kept going at a slow but steady pace as well as I could.
The real time loss was at control 2, where I hit the wrong small hill (an unmarked one 50m from the right spot, but no complaints about the mapping) and lost 4-5 minutes, and 20 (one before last), where I really don't know what happened. The GPS track is below, but the readings were wandering all over the place so it gives only a general impression of where I was. I attacked from the south side of the large depression (marked with a white arrow), but apparently I turned too far left when hitting the green, missed the path, and wandered around the depressions to the north before returning to the main path. Then I attacked again from the north of the depression, saw my compass was leading me to the same place, and turned right (correctly) because there was no other option left. In both cases I was being careful with the compass and I feel like it was pointing in the wrong direction, so I don't really know what went wrong. Total loss of time on this control – 10 minutes plus.

Anyway, shit happens, and now it's history. I finished 5th in 1:51:40, knowing I could have done under 1:40. With 3rd place getting 1:36 (the top two are miles ahead) that would have been nice, but now my fantasy of a podium place depends on my competitors making mistakes, so I'll just have to do my best. At least Roni had a good day, jogging around the W21A course into 2nd place. The full results are here.
Tomorrow is a new day – a short course on similar but faster (or so they say) terrain. I hope I'll do better…

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