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Yesterday we finished the Cerkno Cup training camp, and today the competition starts.
On the second day of the camp we trained on more continental (less karstic) terrain at Crni Vrh, which is much more runnable though rather steep, and then had a short relay in pairs at Godovic, where we had visited the day before. The relay was messed up by two controls which were placed incorrectly, but somehow the time lost there and additional mistakes evened up and in the end there was a tight finish.
Yesterday we trained on Martinj Hrib, the official model map for the event (sample below), and again two controls were misplaced. This map was made by Ludek Krticka, the mapper for the event, and is of a totally different standard, so the training was very useful for getting used to the mapping style. The map is very detailed and accurate, as expected, and I'm sure we'll have no complaints about the mapping during the race.

The training camp was nice overall, but for the price we paid the controls should have been placed more professionally – getting 10% of them wrong is unacceptable. I hope the competition corrects this impression and gives us the motivation to return in the future.
I've managed to run through the knocks I picked up on the first day, and my legs are now back to normal, so I'm ready for the race. Now I have to keep my concentration during the race and avoid unnecessary mistakes, and hopefully get a good result.

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