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The second day of the Cerkno Cup was the short day, and I held little hopes of improving my position, but things happened. The terrain was very similar to the first day, but slightly faster, and I made no significant mistakes, finishing the 3km course in 40:55. This puts me in 3rd place overall, only 16 seconds ahead of 4th – what I call a "competitive situation". The third day is in steeper and faster terrain at Cerkno Ski Center, and add to that a heavy thunderstorm which started in the evening, and my right leg which collected another hard knock. It's going to be interesting.

The difference in my mood at the end of the course is evident in the picture (compare to the previous day). This time I was running fast after a good race, and improved my split time for the finish from 34 to 21 seconds.

Our group of Israelis has a chance for 5 podium places in this event – M35 (myself), M21A, M21B, M55, and W21A. Let's hope for at least something at the end – hopefully more than our Olympic delegation, which finished with just one bronze medal.

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