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I'm back from Slovenia into a normal August heatwave (33°), and resting for a few days before I begin training for the regular season, so I have some time for thinking about Slovenia.
This was my third visit there, and the most fun, but also the toughest orienteering. Slovenia has almost exactly the same land area as Israel, 30% of the population, and at least ten times as much runnable forest. My conclusions:

  • The Cerkno Cup is in decline, for two reasons (in my opinion). One is the OrienteeringOnline Cup, which attracts all the masses of orienteering visitors. The second is the terrain – they should use something milder (and more enjoyable), even if it means ranging further away from the Cerkno region. Look at my route from the last and fastest day, to see how slow it was.
  • Slovenia has well-mapped WOC quality terrain in abundance, but a very small orienteering infrastructure (much smaller than in Israel). I don't know how they should work on getting more locals involved – each country has its own culture and different problems.
  • Orienteering in Slovenia is challenging and fun, but much of the terrain is too slow to serve as effective training for anything but itself. Fine orienteering at 12-15 min/km pace is good general training, but not effective as preparation for fast terrain, neither physically nor technically.
  • The local orienteers are friendly and helpful, as always.
  • Prices are up since my last visit (2004), but still below Western European levels.
  • I'll be back!

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