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Today I ran at a local event my club organised at Lavi, about 50 minutes from home, on a map I made in 1999. As club chairman I had the privilege of running early in the morning in an empty forest, before it got hot, to check all the controls (and then sitting at the registration). It was a score event with a few special rules, and I managed to collect all the controls (about 6.5 km) in 51:32. My GPS track can be seen here – still with 10 second sampling from Slovenia. What a difference – fast and open forest, few rocks, and almost no undergrowth. If only the Slovenian weather would come here.
We were very disappointed with the number of competitors – only 55, which I think is our lowest for several years. We were expecting 100-150. Lavi is one of the most attractive forests in summer, with almost no ground vegetation and lots of orienteering detail, and not too far from the centre of the country. Even though it was a hot day, the area has relatively low humidity and 90% of the orienteering is in the shade. I don't know why there were so few people, but it's their loss – those who came enjoyed it. Even though the club lost out financially, we have enough reserves for several disappointments such as this.

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