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On Saturday I ran with a pair of brand new terrain shoes – New Balance 908. They held up well and were comfortable, so they seem to be a good buy, but only time will tell if they are sturdy enough for the terrain here.
When it's dry (98% of the time), spiked shoes are unnecessary in most areas in Israel. I have a pair (VJ Falcon), but nearly all my other shoes are from New Balance, and have been for years. In this matter I subscribe to the well-known formula: Don't replace a winning team. In almost 20 years with New Balance shoes I have never had any knee problems, even though I run on pavements or roads most of the time.
My current set includes the new terrain shoes (908), the old pair (606) which I use for mapping, running shoes (992), the old running shoes (991) for outdoor stuff, and a pair of comfortable walking shoes (626) for indoors. Last season I had a pair of terrain shoes from Vasque, donated by our national team sponsor, but they didn't last and I suspect that they aren't good for my ankles.
New Balance shoes are usually very expensive here in Israel, so I try to pick them up on trips abroad. I always know which pair is due to be replaced and keep an eye open for good prices. On average, I buy two pairs every year (usually running + terrain).

And no, I'm not being paid for this advertisement…

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  1. מהגלריה המכובדת שלך נעדרות ה-782. אני מנווט איתן כבר למעלה משנה, ומאוד מרוצה. ממליץ לנסות.כמובן שלריצה אני משתמש ב-992, ואין עליהן, יעלו כמה שיעלו.

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