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Last week was the general assembly of the Israel Sport Orienteering Association (ISOA), which has to take place once a year. The assembly includes an annual report, a few votes, the prize-giving for the national rankings, and some time at the end for an open debate. Every two years (not this one) the ISOA council is elected, and then there may be a lot of voting.
I didn't count, but it looked like there were 70-80 people attending, out of maybe 600 (?) adult ISOA members (remember – in Israel everywhere is within driving distance). At the prize-giving lots of people were missing – I think only a couple of categories had all of the top three present – and by the time we got to the debate only 20-30 were left. Afterwards there was another debate on the internet about moving the prize-giving to the last event of the season, which is a good idea – but then there will be even less people at the assembly.
When we have elections and more than one candidate for chairman, we'll get 150 people at the assembly, but otherwise – let them be. Those who are interested and involved in ISOA matters will come, and what we have to do is to make more members interested and involved – not to add irrelevant activities so that more people come and are bored most of the time. I wonder how it's done in other countries, or is there a similar situation?

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