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Yesterday morning I was out in the terrain, marking controls for a local event on the Carmel map. I made this map in 2006 for the Technion Orienteering Club, based on an old map from 1989, and if you plan around the green areas it's a very nice forest for orienteering.
The Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) is where I got my B.A. (Mathematics), and has been the leading university for orienteering here since forever. Yesterday I met their orienteering class in the forest. As far as I know the Technion is the only university in Israel where you can get credit points for orienteering (as one of the compulsory sports courses), and it is held every semester. The students (20-30 of them) are all new to orienteering, and they go through a few lessons on the university map (which I made in 2000) and some nearby forests. After that they also have to participate in a few events. In the end, a few stay on and become regular orienteers – and the club has been strengthening steadily over the past few years, becoming one of our strongest clubs.
Their new club leader is Shai Ram, who I know very well after teaching him in both instructors and coaches courses. I believe he'll be one of the leaders of Israeli orienteering for a long time to come. Good luck!

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