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I hate running in the morning, but in Tokyo there's no choice. The Japanese don't move the clock for Summer Time, so at this time of year it gets dark quite early, and even on the one day I managed to quit the office at 17:15 there wasn't enough light for running in the park. And running in the streets is impossible – there's a traffic light every 100 meters.
So I ran twice in the morning before work, jogging from the hotel to Arisugawa Memorial Park and completing a few circuits (about 1km each, and very nice) at various paces. I'm not used to running at such hours (7 am), as I always run in the evening after work, and I felt a little sleepy on both times despite a thorough warmup, but otherwise I would have 10 days without training, which is too much. I'm making up for lost mileage with long evening walks for shopping.
And…coincidence of the week: this evening I went out for dinner with Watanabe-san, with whom I'm working at FujiFilm, and discovered that he orienteers as well. What a small world!

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