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EYOC 2008 starts tomorrow in Switzerland. Our team consists of two youths at the M16 age and four in M18, with no girls – because we have none who are good enough (more on that some other time).
We started participating in EYOC last year, when JWOC was too far away (Australia), and I think that at the moment it is a more suitable option for our youths, mainly because most of the 19-20 year olds (who can participate in JWOC but not in EYOC) are in the army in any case. When the level improves, then of course the top youths have to be at JWOC in order to get more competitive experience.
Our star is Eran Segal (pictured below), 16 years old last month, who is probably the best Israeli orienteer ever at this age and of course is set to improve. We have been investing in him by funding training camps abroad, and I dare to hope for a top ten place in Switzerland this weekend – even though I know he's been injured these past weeks. Good luck to all the team!

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