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The sprint distance yesterday at EYOC was disappointing. I'm not disappointed with our results – in this type of race they were as expected. I'm disappointed with the courses, and not for the first time. The M16 course was (in my opinion) a very good example of a running race, in which a mediocre orienteer with very good running ability can get a very good result, and in which Israeli athletes will be at a disadvantage for years to come.
Obviously we need to improve running ability, but I still think that too many sprint courses nowadays are biased towards running and not orienteering, especially when in town centers. If you can't set a town course that punishes sloppy orienteering and forces the competitors to read the map ahead in order to succeed, then don't use it for a major championship.

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  1. dan i agree with what you said.it was one of me best comptiton in the aspect of orienteering, not more then 5 seconds lost… easy orienteering with not so much route choices. add those there was a lots of marked route meters. all those hurt my weak point- physical shap. the gap were like as in runing comptition – minute and 13 sec' after the leader- 41 position.disappointed course. eran

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