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I've finished more than half of the map of Akbara for the Israeli Championships, and now the weather is cool enough to enable mapping through the middle of the day, unlike in the summer. The drawing of the map is also progressing well, but I still haven't decided what size of symbols to use. According to the ISOM standard for 1:10,000 scale I have to use 150% symbol size, which will look like this:

In the sample the trees and cairns have been reduced in size, and it still looks very cramped. The other two maps in the area are also in 1:10,000 scale and have smaller symbols – Ein Zeitim North (made by Davidi Segal and myself) has 100% size, like in a 1:15,000 map, and Ein Zeitim (made by Czech mappers) has 125% size. I like the Czech attitude to mapping, which basically means "make an accurate, detailed and legible map – and bend the rules as much as you need!". That's probably what I'll do.

Bar accompanied me to the terrain yesterday, and she took a few photos while she wasn't questioning my mapping decisions. Here's one of them:

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