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The World Military Orienteering Championships was held last week in Lithuania. Israel wasn't represented, because we aren't a member of CISM. As far as I know, we tried to be accepted at some point, but were blocked by the Arab lobby, led by the Iranians.
This raises the question of what will happen if a country such as Iran joins the IOF (we certainly won't try to stop them). In the Olympic Games, an Iranian swimmer didn't show up for his heat because there was an Israeli 5 lanes across from him, and a variety of their participants in Judo, Wrestling and the like have been knocked out in this way without a fight by the luck of the draw. I wonder if the same will happen in WOC, when we are drawn with the same start times. And what about the relay? Maybe there will be peace in the Middle East by then.
Anyway, if Israel could participate in WMOC, we would have a relatively strong team. Every youth has to serve 3 years of compulsory army duty from the age of 18, and many do regular reserve duty until the age of 40 and above (like myself), so most elite runners would be eligible to take part.

Wishful thinking…

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