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Today was the first national event of the season, which stretches from October till May. there are 12 national events counting for the rankings, and this is my first year in H40 (or M40, as it should be named). I was ranked first or second every year in H35, so I'm regarded as the favourite to win H40, but I think I'll have a tough fight with Omer Noiman (who I've known since we were together in the instructors course in 1992).
In today's race I finished second with 54:19 for a 6.6 km course, 4 minutes behind Omer. This was mostly due to sloppy orienteering on the first two controls, but I also didn't feel that I could run fast enough in the forest. I probably need more anaerobic training, as I've been doing mostly aerobic stuff for the past couple of months, and it's part of the plan anyway.
I also felt as if there were too many orienteers in the forest. Maybe our course has more competitors than I'm used to (D21A, H17, and H21B as well), or the planners didn't split up the courses well enough. The only controls at which I didn't see someone punching before me were 1, 2, 3, and 19 (out of 20).
My course is below (the GPS went nuts in the tunnel under the main road):

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