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Yesterday we had a local event on Mt. Carmel (again). This time I participated, and had quite a good run, especially from a physical point of view. However, on the leg from 12 to 13 I made the wrong route choice (my route is in blue, the correct one in red):

Why am I pissed off at myself? Because I made the map, and I know the terrain like the back of my hand, so it shouldn't have happened. I missed seeing the small path just to the left of the straight line, and lost at least a minute by running around.
The Carmel is a great place for setting route choice legs, because of the steep valleys and the fact that much of the map is impenetrable bush with small paths or patches of runnable forest. There were some nice route choices on the course, and this one caught me out. Thanks to Noam, who planned the event, for the challenge.

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  1. How did you run from 4 to 5?I think the best way was to use the same path you missed from 12 to 13.

  2. I don't think so – I ran from 4 to 5 just to the right of the straight line (next to the building), and I think it's slightly faster: a bit less to climb and a bit shorter.

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