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Actually, there were quite a lot of ups and downs at the relay, being on an area of sand dunes, but those were the minor ones. My day looked like this:
UP – meeting up at the event, getting the club organised, and preparing for the race.
DOWN – Tom, our first leg runner, is late to the spectator control. Very late.
FURTHER DOWN – Uzi, first leg on the short course for our favoured team, is late as well – at least 5 minutes behind the leaders.
UP – Tom arrives at last (25 minutes behind?), and I go off like a rocket, with no chance of anything. I run the whole course (below) alone, and finish with a good result (4400m, 33:04).
FURTHER UP – Roni sprints in to anchor Uzi's team to first place in the short course by 3 seconds!
DOWN – Eran, our third leg runner, is nowhere to be seen. In the end he arrives.
UP – we discover that our only team in the medium course has sneaked into third place!
So first in the Short, 3rd in Medium, and absolutely nowhere (14th?) in the Long. Actually not a bad result for the club, and it was fun.
The technical aspects were good, but not perfect. The map was last updated a few years ago and some newer changes (especially new paths) should have been surveyed. In addition, the gaffling created large differences in course lengths, so you didn't really know who was in the lead. I'm thinking of volunteering to plan next year's relay myself, and trying to do better.

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