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I'm starting to coach our national women's team again. I was the coach last season as well, together with the men, but after various disagreements with the ISOA (Israel Sports Orienteering Association) I quit in May.
Now I'm starting again, just with the women. Hopefully this is a long-term project, because the competitive ability of our women is currently very low and needs years of hard work in order to get to a respectable international level. The only woman who has reached such a level over the past years is Roni (my girlfriend), and she quit training at the end of last season (though she's thinking of returning to the team).
What we do have now is lots of motivation, a small budget, and a coach. Soon there will be a plan, and hopefully in 201? we'll get some results. The team includes juniors from the age of 16-17, so if I can keep it going we'll have some depth as well.
Here's a picture of last year's team:

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  1. Good Luck!!

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