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On Friday we held the opening of an Orienteering Instructors Course. This is my 5th course – I participated in 1992, and I've organised three more since 1998, in all cases doing most of the teaching myself. I also taught our only Coaches Course in 2007. This time I'm in charge again, but I've got a team of coaches to share the workload, because otherwise I couldn't manage.
The course includes 60 hours of academic stuff (at any one of our sports colleges) and 140 hours of orienteering studies, mostly in the forest. It usually takes about half a year of Fridays to finish, and has around 15 participants – mostly orienteers, with some physical education teachers. The certification is necessary by law in order to teach orienteering at schools, but I don't think that's the reason most of the participants join in.
It's going to be fun, but a lot of work (fortunately not voluntary…). I'm already looking forward to my next class, but first I have to schedule teachers and prepare the materials for the intervening weekends. And it looks like we'll have some promising new instructors for the next season.

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