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Today's national event at Kfar HaHoresh had great terrain, beautiful weather, and a course which I would classify as "boring". The lengths of all the legs were similar, most route choices were trivial, and some controls were absurdly simple. As a result, the percentages of mistakes for participants, as calculated in our LapCombat system (thanks to Noam Ravid), were very low.
I had an almost perfect race, and I was thrashed by Omer, who is simply faster than I am. The only way for me to beat him is to have lots of technical orienteering which will slow him down, and there was none of that today – he was faster to every control but one.
Below is an example of the course planning. To control 8 you have to drop down 25m to an easy feature in an open area, and then go straight back up to an even easier one which can already be seen from the road. I hate legs where you are led down a slope and immediately back up (or up and straight back down). I would have planned this area differently – my suggestions are in blue.

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  1. The course was indeed very physical (sometimes too physical), and could have been improved in several ways, but I wouldn't go as far as calling it "boring".Now, about Omer – in the two national events so far, he was faster than you by about 10% (according to LC), but he also made less mistakes than you, so it would be unfair to dismiss his technical ability by saying he's "simply faster". Rather, I think you two are on par technically, while he has the physical edge.Omer has dominated his course for the last 13 years or so. It would be very hard for anyone to dethrone him, and very foolish to underestimate his skills.

  2. NoamI haven't actually seen your course, but maybe it was more interesting than ours – I've heard that it was much more physical. By the standards I expect from national events, the medium+ course was boring.Regarding Omer – I've beaten him enough times in local events to know that I have a chance. I agree that we are on a par technically, up to a certain level of difficulty. Above that level, he will slow down more than I will. I had the same situation last season competing with you, and I think you are technically better than Omer.

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