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This weekend we had a training camp for the women's national team. The main subject of the training was "finding controls", which meant that most of the time they were practising fine orienteering in areas with lots of features.
At the moment my team is a collection of girls with varying levels of orienteering ability and physical fitness, and lots of spirit and motivation. The only criteria for entering the team (besides competing in the proper categories) are basic ability and a lot of commitment. Over the next few months (and years?) I hope to develop them into good and tough orienteers, who can represent Israel in international competition, but we still have a long way to go.
We have an age gap, which I can do nothing to bridge: 5 of the women are aged 27 to 33, while the younger ones are 16-18. There are simply no candidates in between. This reflects mainly on the scarcity of female orienteers in Israel – somewhere under 20% of participants.
One of the important things I did during the training camp was to follow five different women while they were on the course – two by running behind them, and three with my GPS recorder. Now I have a wealth of information about their strengths and especially weaknesses, so that I can plan our future training accordingly.

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  1. The training was very technical which made it very hard for me. I learned from my mistakes and next time I promise to do better.Thank you very much for everything.Yael

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