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This is a GPS track from Friday's team training, in one of my favourite places – a small part of the Kfar Vradim map. This area is like a maze, with a jumble of high rock walls (usually climbable) among the olive trees. I only wish it was larger.

Neta's track doesn't say much, except that she didn't get lost. I don't have her split times, so I'm not even sure that I fitted it properly to the map. The GPS can easily give a deviation of 10-20m, which in such terrain may show you on the other side of a wall, but it gives me (as a coach) a good indication of the smoothness of the orienteering.
This was analysed using QuickRoute. When there is good satellite photo coverage, I can use SportTracks to see the route point by point, as in the following example – a mistake by Yael during Friday's training in Ein Zeitim. The readings shown are every 5 seconds.

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