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Today I discovered that I won a small prize for linking from my blog to the World of O orienteering achievement of the year poll. I'll use the ad to link to the Israeli Championships that I'm planning.
And speaking of winning – I also won our annual course-setting competition. This has evolved over the years into a full-scale orienteering event: the map and finish area are set in advance, and anyone who is interested can plan a course (in two categories – long or short) and send it in. The judges then mark the courses independently of each other, and their average decides the winners. Then the winning courses are used for a local event, to be held this Saturday.
This year the competition was on the Park Kanada map, of which I mapped a small part. I was actually participating for the first time, after being one of the judges on previous occasions, and I won the long category (7 km) by a whisker from Daniel Griff. On Saturday I'll run the course unofficially so that no-one can blame me for making it too tough, and stay on to discuss route choices afterwards. I have many Israeli readers, so I'll write about the course itself after the event.

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