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This weekend we have the Winter Championships – 2 days of orienteering, and the most important event of the season besides the Israeli Championships.
Having placed second in both of the first two national events this season, this is an important competition for me. If I can win, then I still have a chance of first place in the rankings (H40, of course), which are based on the best 7 out of 12 national events. If I lose to Omer again, I can say goodbye to first place: I'll be missing both days of the Israeli Champs, which I'm organising (and which give bonus points), and at least one other event due to a business trip abroad. It will probably be easy to hang on to second place, so then my local season is over, and I can focus my training on competitions abroad.
I hope to win, of course. The first day, at Hamalachim Forest, is fast and relatively easy terrain, where Omer has an advantage due to his better fitness. I'll try to run really fast (relay style), and see what happens. The second day, at Tel Azeka, is slower and very detailed terrain, where I had probably my best race last season – over there it's a matter of concentration and technical orienteering, and I should have a better chance.
Having said all that, anything can happen. In the last three 2-day events here I had a bad first day and a good second day, and usually I do well when I'm under pressure – with my back to the wall. My goal is to perform well on both days – and then anyone who beats me is better and fully deserves to win.

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