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I won the H40 category in the Winter Championship, in the exact manner that I hoped. The first day was really fast terrain, and as expected the number of mistakes (for all participants) was very small, so running ability was significant. I ran fast, and made very few mistakes (maybe 2 minutes overall), but Omer still beat me by 4 minutes, after spraining his ankle on the course.
The second day was totally different. Dudi Aloni planned a great course on the map of Tel Azeka, with 25 controls over less than 6 km, lots of short and tricky legs, and even some route choices and a good long leg (for giving my mind time to rest). I started early, so I was running alone most of the time, and it was probably one of my best races ever – no significant mistakes, just some small corrections near some of the controls.
I won the category easily and beat Omer by 5 minutes to win the championship as well. I think his ankle slowed him down, so if he hadn't been injured it could have been really close, but he admitted to making too many mistakes on the course as well.
Roni didn't do as well as me, losing D21A by just over a minute to Keren Ziv, whom I'm coaching on the national team as well. But at least we got a good picture together:

My GPS wasn't working, so I'll post some route analysis during the week.

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