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Today we had a bonus day off from work (in Israel 1/1 is not usually a holiday), so I went out into the forest. It was also the coldest day of the winter so far, and I was wandering around in about 2°C with quite a lot of wind, which made it quite tough even though I was well dressed.
I finished the map of Akbara, for the second day of the Israeli Championships, and then went to the map of the first day, Ein Zeitim North, to check the controls for the event. Planning a championship isn't the same as planning a single course – I had to combine 7 competitive courses of the right lengths, without using too many controls. In addition, I had to organise everything round the finish and parking area, for which I decided to use a previously unused field in the centre of the map.
It took me a bit less than 5 hours of walking (running everything would be inviting hypothermia) to check and mark 60 controls. I tried to use some less known areas, and also some additions that Davidi mapped in the autumn. Because the map with the additions isn't printed yet, I could also make some minor corrections when I needed them.
Now I have to plan and check the controls for the second day, on my own map. I can also make corrections there, of course, and I'll be using the control checking trip(s) for reviewing the map.
Check here for the maps and courses on February 22nd…

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