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Today's national event at Moran offered some uniquely Israeli terrain, and I doubt if there is a similar area anywhere in the world. We have sections of olive groves on many of our maps, include some detailed and interesting areas, but today the whole area was composed of olive trees – so much so, that they were marked as white forest instead of the usual half-open area.
These olive groves are tended by the villagers of Rameh and are full of stone walls, thickets, cairns, and similar details, created through generations of agriculture.
The race itself was a slog, as most of the ground beneath the trees is plowed and muddy, though luckily there was no heavy rain for a couple of days before the race. The orienteering itself was technically difficult, even on the long legs, and I had a good race, winning H40 in 49:49 (over a 6.1 km course). My route is here – note that the map was printed in 1:7,500 scale for clarity.

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