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This weekend we had two local events on some tough terrain – from the physical point of view. Friday's race was at Hoshaya, which is mostly either very rocky or thorny. Saturday was on Midrach Oz, which is very steep, very green, and sometimes very stony.
Both maps were made by Uzi Schweizer, who is originally from Switzerland and fears no terrain. I always have problems with his maps of these places, but I can't complain because I would have simply given up and decided to make a map somewhere more runnable. I started both races early (so I was running alone), made mistakes at the beginning, and then switched to trying to enjoy myself and navigate properly to the controls. My main conclusion: TRUST THE MAP. Even if you don't agree with it, and think it could be mapped much better, the best way to find the controls is to trust the map, not your luck. Read the map and use the features that are marked, because 95% of the time they exist in the right place in the terrain, even if there is loads of other distracting stuff around.
My routes are a disgrace, so I'm not posting them. However, there's some neat stuff in my SportTracks analysis, displaying the power of the GPS. Here are some samples from Saturday (all the points are at 5 second intervals):
Control no. 1 – coming from the west, I missed it by a whisker (both the crag and the control were hidden behind bushes), and in the end attacked again from the south.

Control no. 17 – I came from the east, and after finding the control you can see me trying to find a way through the green down to the valley. I went a bit westwards, got stuck, ran south-west looking for a gap, decided I'd gone too far, started returning, and found a way down.

Downhill and uphill on the same slope – no further commentary needed.

Control no. 15 – the points are bunched up at the control because I stopped to drink. Then there's another bunch 30 seconds later, to the west, when I stopped to point out the control to another orienteer – my dad.

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