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Yesterday's event at Ganey Huga, near Beit Shean, was (to the best of my knowledge) the lowest orienteering event ever held, reaching down to 275 meters below sea level:

The race included a small park and some spur/gully terrain nearby, right next to the Jordan River, which is also the border with Jordan. It was nice, except for the part next to one of the river's tributaries, where you could smell the "water" from the stream – a result of a very dry winter here.
The previous record was held by our map of Beit Zera, which is just south of the Sea of Galilee and goes down to about 220 meters. The map of the archaeological ruins in Beit Shean is also nearly 200 meters below sea level.
This record is going to be broken this year, at a special event near the Dead Sea, at the end of the MTBO-WOC here is Israel. The elevation there will be somwhere between 300 and 400 meters below sea level.

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