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This weekend we had the Negev Championship, which is an annual two-day event of orienteering in the desert. Not Sahara stuff (sand dunes and the like), but bare, dry, stony hills – totally boring from the technical point of view, but nice as an attraction.
Both days are always on the same maps, because most of the Negev desert is an army training area, so the options are very limited. The first day was on the map of Sde Boker, which was first mapped by Bernd Wollenberg, and then I added the northern part in 2006. This was the fastest mapping I ever did: at least 4 square km in two days of work, in winter of course, of totally open and mostly featureless terrain.
The race is usually a score event, or something similar, which in my opinion is a waste – the terrain is best for route choices over long legs. This time there were 5 groupings of 5 controls each, and you had to collect 4 of them, in any order. My route is here – missing controls in this terrain was not an option, but I think I took the first group (1-5) in the wrong order, and I also exited control 17 in the wrong direction. Overall I did 8.2km, with 320m climb, in 68:02.
On the second day I opted for the family course with my daughter Ayala, and we saw some other desert attractions.

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