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The first day of the Israeli Championship has finished successfully, at least from the organiser's point of view. The best part was the weather – a forecast for very low temperatures and the wettest spell this winter, starting this morning, failed to materialise: temperatures stayed steady and the rain was intermittent. Tomorrow was expected to be a total catastrophe, with a very heavy storm, but now it looks like we might get lucky.
After some hard work yesterday afternoon placing controls and water, today I had more time to take pictures and enjoy the event, with almost 70 foreign orienteers from 12 countries (maybe a record here?), and of course 400 local orienteers. We had a few glitches, of course – the spectator control area was more slippery and dangerous than I expected, and so was the track into the parking (but we had a reserve area close by). Lots of orienteers complained about a certain control, so I had to go personally to collect it (finding that it was in exactly the right place). But overall, I'm satisfied with a job well done, and I got good feedback on the courses.

Mt. Meron from the assembly area

Tomorrow is another day. We already placed most of the controls today, but if it rains as forecast it's going to be miserable in any case. This time I'm the mapper as well as the course planner, and I'm looking forward to getting some feedback (hopefully good) from the participants. Let's hope for the best, and hold off with the storm until tomorrow afternoon… [/ALIGN]

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