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48 hours ago I was soaking wet in the forest, seeing the orienteers streaming part the spectator control in the greatest orienteering event I've ever organised. Now I'm sitting in a hotel room in Tokyo (on a business trip), and at last I have time to sum it up for my blog.
Saturday was cold and wet, but luckily the rain (and hail) came down mostly in short spells, and the sun was shining much of the time. I spent most of my time at the spectator control, taking pictures of the orienteers (from 15 countries) and enjoying the view of the Sea of Galilee below:

I put a lot of effort into planning the Israeli Championships this year, and especially the second day, for which I made the map as well. Saturday was when it all came together, despite the weather. Afterwards, on my way to the airport, I was thinking that we prepare these events for the people who participate in them, to give them both a challenge and enjoyment, and the best parts of the day were when so many of those people came up to me personally to express their appreciation. Judging from this feedback, I can say without doubt that this was the best event I have organised in my 19-year orienteering career, and I'm proud of it.
The map and routes will appear soon on the Israeli RouteGadget site, but when I get back from my travels I intend to write in some detail about the planning of this race. Meanwhile, however, I'm in Tokyo for a week, trying to fit in a few morning jogs in order to stay fit, because next Tuesday I'm off to Spain with the national women's team for a training camp.

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