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Yesterday we were training at Sierra del Molino, where each of the women ran two short courses. I used the opportunity to monitor their orienteering closely, following two by myself and three others with the GPS, so that we were able to do some really good analysis of their orienteering.
Following an orienteer on a course is not easy. You need to know where you were and be able to reproduce the exact route, while trying to understand what she was thinking. Keeping track of position on a route you didn't choose for yourself is tricky, especially when there are mistakes. In addition, frustration tends to set in, when you know exactly where the control is but she doesn't. Add in some strong winds and scattered showers of rain, and the coach is putting in a hard day of work.
The team had a tough day, but learnt a lot, and that's the important thing. I was also glad that we were training on 1:15,000 scale, which tends to be neglected nowadays – the long distance race will be at that scale.

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