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Today was the first day of the competition, and the truth is that I was expecting a top ten place in a field of 48 runners in H40. I had a good run, with no mistakes and a few minor losses of time, and I finished third in 53:50 (for 6.2 km), 11 seconds behind first place and ahead of fourth (results here).
The problem is that tomorrow's middle distance is a chasing start, which is now practically a mass start of 4 runners in my category. It's going to be fast, stressful, and probably great fun, and obviously I really want to win, just like those three Spaniards. I've never run in a real chasing start (we don't have them in Israel), so I'll just take it as it comes.
The women on the team were mostly OK, with a chance for two more podium places – Roni in D21A and Neta in D20A. Neta's course is below – due to a lack of participants they combined D20A with D20E on the D20E course, without informing anyone, so she actually ran a longer course than D21A and still finished second.

In the afternoon we were also at the sprint race in the town of Santomera, just for fun. I skipped it and took a few pictures, and the course was totally boring from a technical point of view, but the women enjoyed it.

Good luck to everyone for tomorrow – and let's win a few prizes!

Roni at the finish

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