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Today I finished third overall in the chasing start, and of course I'm glad to win my first ever trophy abroad, but I'm also disappointed because I should have won.

As expected, it was like a mass start, and I caught both the leaders before the start flag. Then we veered too much to the left on the way to control 3, and the fourth runner (who started 11 seconds behind me) caught us. From that point on it was a four horse race, with each one of us orienteering for himself, but still keeping an eye on the others and pushing as hard as possible.
Then, at control 7, I gave the others the slip – they missed it and I didn't. From then on I was running alone, and I didn't look back even once. However, at 13 I came in too high, missed the control by 20 meters, and they were on to me again. And that was it – in the 500m sprint that remained I came in third.
It was fast (28:18 for 4.3 km), furious, and fun. Then I ran back to the finish to see Roni come in third in D21A (and first on the day), and heard that Neta finished second in D20A. So it was a good competition for me and our team, and tomorrow we'll have another day of training before starting our trip home.

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