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I'm back from the training camp in Spain, which was great fun, hard work, and very satisfying for me as a coach. I hope that I can keep up this work with the women's team in the long run, because I have two major conclusions from the trip:
1. I have a team. I've been coaching national teams for over 15 years, but more than ever before I have a team, and not a collection of individuals. Let's hope it stays this way, because obviously the team spirit can only be beneficial to all the athletes in the long run.
2. My main goal should be to turn these women into elite orienteers. There has never really been any elite women's orienteering in Israel – only one or two women who managed to stand out by themselves. Most of my team aren't elite orienteers yet, but Roni (who has participated in two WOC's) certainly is, and two of the others are nearly there. My (unfinished) definition of an elite orienteer, by my standards as Israel national team coach:
a. A high level of technical orienteering skill.
b. The physical stamina necessary to complete an elite orienteering course.
c. The ability to face success and failure at all levels of competition.
d. The confidence to tackle any type of orienteering terrain, knowing that she has the required skills.
e. The motivation and attitude necessary to train hard for long periods of time.
All these parameters are subjective, but I know one when I see one (as the saying goes). If we have 4-5 elite women within a few years, it will be a leap forward for women's orienteering in Israel, and we'll have a solid foundation on which to build.

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