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The next major event here is the Rogaine, to be held next Saturday in the Ben-Shemen area. Roni and I have been looking forward to this race for a long time, and we're now busy preparing for it.
Rogaining started in Israel when I decided to try and organise an 8-hour event in October 2005. Everyone was sceptical at first, but in the end it was a huge success, with 240 participants. Since then we hold one every season, and this is the fourth. I participated in both previous rogaines together with Roni – two years ago we held up really well, covering 43.5km in a 7-hour race and finishing second in our category (mixed men and women). Last year we were doing really well after 4.5 hours (out of 8), but then my body let me down and we had to slow down drastically, though we still won the category and covered almost 47km.
This year there is a 12-hour category as well, starting at midnight, and hopefully there will be enough teams registered so that it won't be cancelled. I think it's too much time: every year the area used gets smaller, and this year it's less than half as big as the first rogaine, only 35 km2. Based on maps I've seen of foreign rogaines, the area used should be 8-10 km2 per hour, but maybe I'm wrong.
Roni isn't at the same level of fitness as last year, though I'm about the same, and even our preparations are less demanding – two years ago we ran 19km together on tracks as preparation, last year 18km on roads, and this year maybe 15km. So we'll be taking it easy compared to the previous times, but it will still be fun.

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