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Insane. Totally insane. 57.3 km of orienteering (probably more, because the GPS track cuts a few corners) in 11.5 hours. That's what rogaining is about.

Some of my thoughts:
Roni – after finishing 3 rogaines with the person I love, I never want to do it with anyone else. Well, maybe with my daughter. It gets better each time – we plan together, fight the terrain together, hurt together, worry about each other, and then there's the hug at the end. This time we finished about in the same state physically, though Roni's walking pace was faster than mine at the end (younger legs?), and she had some map-reading blackouts during the last few hours.
Sergey and Inessa – it's been a pleasure to lose to them again (by 19 minutes). I don't know how they do it – going out without any equipment except for what looks like a small bottle of water. We hoped to beat them, but maybe we had less luck at a few controls, or the plan wasn't good enough. But I don't care: let's meet again next time.
Pavel – the mastermind behind everything. Fantastic planning and execution, which made this rogaine a real challenge, and great fun. Thanks for everything. I've been working closely with Pavel since we were together on the national team at WOC 1995, and I don't know if enough people here fully appreciate his capabilities.
Night – for the first time in Israel we had part of the rogaine at night, and it was very different. And cold. Wandering around in total darkness (no moon) in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly seeing the headlamps of other teams appearing, is special.
Recovery – on both previous occasions, I worked on Sunday and started training again on Tuesday. This time I skipped work on Sunday (couldn't get out of bed), and I'll be back jogging on Wednesday or Thursday. Not bad.
Next year – maybe it's my turn to organise (again)? Where? When? How? We'll see.

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