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Unless it's the stock market, of course. But if the start of the course is at the top of Mt Deborah (near Nazareth), then the way back is going to be a slog (by Israeli standards). This is my route from yesterday's national event, in which I took my usual second place (H40) in 1:12:48 for 6.56km.
It's a new map, and a good one too (thanks to Uzi for the hard work), though my opinion is that there are too many varieties of green on it. The course didn't use the terrain well, and I think there should have been much more fine orienteering. I didn't lose time finding any controls, and my mistakes were in veering too far to the left on the way to 2, and choosing the long way round to 8 (about a minute slower than straight, according to the split times).
Physically, I was far from my peak, and not fully recovered from the rogaine, so I walked most of the way back up the hill. At least it was good training…

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  1. Hi Dan, Questions about your route choise:From control 1 over to control 2, wasn't it better to run on the road from the east side? what was your attack point to the control?From control 7 over to control 8, what was the reason that you choose to go that way? I am not sure it was less climbing than the east side choise… Yael

  2. Hi YaelAs I wrote, my route to 2 was a mistake. I was running too fast downhill and I didn't read all the details from the map. The attack point was very clear to me – the tree to the south-west.From 7 to 8 I'm sure that I had less climb (because I had no downhills), but I think the way around was simply too long. I chose this route because the straight route looked tougher…Dan

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