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Yesterday's local event at Keren HaCarmel (where I lost my shoe earlier this season) was my type of course – lots of fine orienteering, concentration, and tricky running between the rocks. This time the course planning and setting was really good (thanks to Sagi Levy), and I enjoyed the orienteering very much, even though the undergrowth at this time of year is terrible.
I ran very early, so there were no tracks through the thorns and nettles to help me, but that's the best way to orienteer. Apart from two minutes lost climbing over the crags at control 8, and banging my knee at the last control, I had a smooth run, finishing the 5.7km course in 60:53. Physically, I'm still not back to full fitness since the rogaine (more than two weeks ago), but part of that is because of the holidays.

After the race there was a tug-of-war competition between the clubs. Unfortunately, most of the clubs didn't bother to organise a team (though, judging by the result list, they had enough people available), so it was left to us (Galilee) to beat the host club (Technion-Carmel) 2-1 in a thrilling match. Our combined team was then given a demonstration of how it's done, by the professionals from Julis. It was good to see the cooperation with the tug-of-war federation (their chairman was the referee, or umpire, or whatever it's called).

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