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Yesterday's national event at Gevaram offered some interesting terrain, quite different from any previously known areas in Israel. When I saw the first leg, and while running it, I was thinking to myself that the race would be boring, but looking at the map afterwards I saw that most of the legs were well-planned and the course as a whole was quite good:

I had a good race, apart from a parallel error at control 5, when I tried to be clever and go straight instead of taking the easy way round. Most of the orienteering was easy, as long as you kept your concentration and didn't lose track of the paths, which wasn't trivial. The forest isn't as green as it looks on the map, and I expected faster times, but obviously I wasn't the only one making unnecessary mistakes. I finished 2nd (as usual) in H40, with 59:06 for the 6.66km course.
In my opinion the route choice to control 1 was too easy, and control 6 could have been moved to improve both 5-6 and 6-7, but otherwise the legs were as challenging as possible on this map. I already have ideas for training here, so I'll be back with the national team when possible.

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