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I've been fantasizing about this one for years, and now I've decided to go for it. Odem forest, on the Golan Heights, is something special, as can be seen in the aerial photo below – a patchwork of woods and small meadows, with few paths and lots of stony ground (granite). It's different from any map I ever made, and I've never seen anything similar abroad either.

This map is a challenge. It's further from home than my previous maps (70-75 minutes driving), which is significant for a weekend mapper like me, so I'll be putting in whole days of mapping, 8-10 hours of work, instead of my usual 4-6 hours. Technically it will also be tough, but that's the fun part.
The forest itself is large enough for at least three national level maps. I'll go there within a couple of months to scout around and check the summer vegetation, and then start working. I hope to have the part that I chose ready for the 2010-11 season, and maybe we'll get some foreign mappers to do the rest. One of the problems is that it's very far (by Israeli standards) from the center of the country, which is the main reason why it hasn't been mapped yet.
And what if we have a peace settlement with Syria, and return the Golan Heights to them? It'll take time, so we'll have years of orienteering in any case. And in the end, maybe we'll get the Syrians to join in orienteering as well, with the help of this map.

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  1. Very nice area, and very nice idea!!I guess a two-day event with some accommodation offer in the area will be the best way to make use of this map.:) Israel championship?;) winter championship – hoping for snow-white background?I'm already waiting impatiently for first event over there …Ofec.


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